AfterFab Biography   (PDF)
Event Description

What can you expect from an AfterFab show? A high-energy, passionate tribute to the mega-classic canon of The Beatles' solo years, the only one in America, played with high fidelity to the original studio recordings. Beatles fans are absolutely everywhere and this unique concept and focus draws them in droves. It's something new and different for Beatles and classic-rock fans, and general audiences, thanks to 70 US Top-40 hits and 325 million records collectively sold by John, Paul, George, and Ringo, post-Beatles. The genius didn't stop with Abbey Road. This is the classic Beatles music that fans have been missing.

AfterFab is a formidable six-member powerhouse of long-experienced Beatles-expert musicians with a dynamic, entertaining front man and a talent for getting the music right. Not impersonators, but a music-first tribute along the lines of Brit Floyd, Get The Led Out, or The Fab Faux. Based in New England, the band began in 2012, designed from the start as a concert attraction for top music clubs, performing-arts spaces, theatres, and venues that desire to present something special for guests. Misson-driven to convey the brilliance of the solo Beatles' legacy, AfterFab adds extra dimensions of entertainment with back-stories of the songs, fascinating trivia, and video of images of solo Beatles LPs, singles, adverts, and quotations.

"When I first thought of a tribute exclusively to the solo Beatles," says guitarist Ad Boc," I was sure I'd find others doing it. But tributing a 'band' that never actually existed is apparently an idea outside the box. 'Brilliant concept' has been an oft-repeated compliment. The Beatles were my first musical love, and it's exciting to be bringing their solo stuff to live audiences." On-board came lead singer and rock & roll front-man, Jonathan Paquin, a devotee of Paul McCartney and Robert Plant. "I brought myself up on the solo stuff before I discovered The Beatles," says Jon, "I knew Admiral Halsey before I knew Lovely Rita." It then took a year's trial and error to find the rest.

Mike Bishop nailed his bass audition on the first try, no surprise after having logged years in original and cover bands throughout New England and New York. On guitar is Lauren Passarelli, the first woman ever to graduate as a guitar performance major from Berklee College of Music, where she now teaches and is known as "The Beatles Professor" for her extreme expertise regarding all things Fab Four. Finally, on keyboards, is Doug Alexander, master of technological audio wizardry, audio engineer, and former owner of his own recording studio in Boston. On drums is Berklee-trained Michael Bean, an original musician and veteran of numerous other projects.

To appeal to all audiences, AfterFab constantly build their repertoire of chart hits and iconic album cuts. "Thrilled!" "Elated!" and "Amazing!" were the actual words from management of three venues AfterFab played in their first full year, 2014. Since then, the march up the ladder to more and more prestigious venues has been constant. The band has attracted praise from Beatles authors like Robert Rodriguez, Ricardo Pugialli, Candy Leonard, and Andrew Jackson. "They did the solo stuff and rocked it!" said organizer/promoter Charles Rosenay on the radio, following AfterFab's appearance at his 2014 Fab 4 Music Festival: Danbury Fields Forever. MC and radio host Ken Michaels remarked, "They played with a passion. You could see it in their faces. They've really studied the music. And the lead singer, he was outrageous!"

Don't miss a chance to experience AfterFab and discover what the buzz is about.