Intro for Talent Buyers - All About AfterFab
DESCRIPTION: America's only band dedicated exclusively to high-fidelity recreations of the classic songs of The Beatles' solo careers (1969-present). AfterFab offers the studio versions of the songs, which John, Paul, George, and Ringo never did. It's a music-first tribute to the most famous 'band' that never actually existed except in the hearts of fans. Great for general audiences and hardcore Beatles/classic-rock fans. Full Event Description.
IDEAL SPECIAL ATTRACTION FOR: Concert Clubs, Theaters, Performing Arts Spaces, Casinos, Resorts, Cruise Ship Fly-Ins, Corporate and other private events of all kinds.
Eastern MA. Members hail from Middlesex, Worcester, and Essex counties.
  Book with confidence. Each member is a seasoned pro with 20+ years of experience.
 - Jonathan Paquin - lead vocal, percussion
 - Ad Boc - guitar, keyboard, backing vocal
 - Lauren Passarelli - guitar, backing vocal
 - Doug Alexander - keyboards
 - Mike Bishop - bass, backing vocal
 - Michael Bean - drums

Why book AfterFab? The solo Beatles have sold 325 million records. AfterFab is America's only band serving   this classic Beatles music with high fidelity, making every show an event that can be experienced nowhere else.
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