more than just great live music. Experienced musicians and deep music fans, they know that Beatles enthusiasts have always thought of John, Paul, George, and Ringo as Beatles, and all of their music is Beatles music, no matter the stages of their careers.

Millions of fans have imagined what it would be like to hear the solo songs of all four fabs together, as if the group had kept going after 1970. AfterFab brings that experience!

pour out of the band during a show. Devotees are delighted to hear Beatles experts entertain with the back-stories of the songs and the men who made them. Newcomers to Beatles fandom love the opportunity to hear and learn something new.

are what Beatles fans appreciate. AfterFab are not impersonators. It's all about the music -- classic songs, accurately arranged like the studio versions, which not all tributes do, and the solo Beatles themselves rarely did when playing live. Fans applaud this approach, and experience the live renderings of the songs the way they know and love them.

Able to go well beyond the greatest hits, AfterFab sets are tailored to each performance occasion. An audience of hardcore Beatles fans will hear great listening songs, including iconic deep album tracks not heard elsewhere. For partying crowds, out will come more big-beat rockers than you ever knew were in the solo Beatles catalog.

movie of images of solo Beatles LPs, singles, adverts, and quotes accompanies the band's performance wherever possible, adding a touch of additional spectacle to the great sound.

thousands of tributes to The Beatles' group music cover the globe, which speaks to the gigantic and perpetual demand for live Beatles music everywhere.

AfterFab's mission is fixing a hole for Beatles fans -- telling the rest of the musical story by serving up the great songs born of the talent and passion of Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, and Starr in their solo years. The genius didn't stop with Abbey Road. AfterFab brings the Beatles music that fans have long been missing.